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Hospitalar 2017 --- Invitation

Publisher:   release date:2017-09-20 14:58:00
Exhibition Name   : Hospitalar  2017
Exhibition Date   :2017.5.15-2017.5-19
Exhibition Booth  :White Ⅱ 17-200
Exhibition address: Northern International Exhibition Center
Sao Paulo International Medical Equipment Exhibition HOSPITALAR 2017 is jointly organized with the famous MEDICA exhibition in Germany, held annually by the International Hospital Union (IHF) certified professional exhibition.
It was awarded the "trustworthy commercial exhibition" by the US Department of Commerce in 2000. Brazil and Latin America is the most authoritative medical equipment supplies exhibition. HOSPITALAR 2015 exhibition in Sao Paulo's largest Northern International Exhibition Center, the exhibition area of 82,000 square meters, more than 1,000 exhibitors, more than 77,600 professional visitors. Sao Paulo as Latin America's largest medical device market, accounting for 65% of the Brazilian medical market share, medical equipment and health care products are mostly dependent on imports, and it is also the domestic medical enterprises to enter the Latin American market ideal city
If you happen to be at the exhibition, please feel free to visit our booth at 642A. The door of ebangy will alaways be open for you
Guangdong eBangy Biomedical Co., Ltd. Will send an exhibition team, providing the staff with technique support and relevant professional training while holding the exhibition. Looking forward to our presence at the exhibition.



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