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The 49th session MEDICA in 2017

Publisher:   release date:2017-11-08 17:38:06
Date: Nov.13-16 November 2017   
Venue:  Düsseldorf Trade Fair Centre StockumerKirchstraBe61,D-40474Düsseldorf,
Exhibition Booth: C58, Hall 17

MEDICA, the No.1 hospital&medical equipment comprehensive exhibition in the world, is held in Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, Germany every year. There are more than 5000 companies from over 150 countries in the exhibition yearly, 70% of which are from other countries. It covers an area of more than 130,000 square metres, attracting around 180,000 people from all over the world.
Being the symbol of new technology and innovation in medical field in the world, MEDICA, the world-famous comprehensive medical exhibition, is reputed as the top among world medical trade exhibition by it’s irreplaceable scale and influence.   Düsseldorf in early winter, although a little cold, yet the medical practitioners from every corner of the world are passionate enough to make the 18 exhibition halls full of crowd and warmth.
Even if there is a constant flow of crowd, the Germans will be attentive and considerate as usual, trying their best to take the order of exhibition to extreme.

If you happen to be at the exhibition, please feel free to visit our booth at C58, Hall 17. The door of eBangy will always be open for you!
Guangdong eBangy Biomedical Co., Ltd. will send an exhibition team, providing the staff with technique support andrelevant professional training while holding the exhibition. Looking forward to our presence at the exhibition. 



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