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More than 5000 kinds of health food products will exit the market

Publisher:   release date:2017-09-20 14:59:00
□ Miao Zhuang

        China Health Care Association, the Secretary-General Kang Zhu revealed yesterday, new "health food registration management approach" (the "Measures" below) has been finalized at the end of last year, in the first half of this year is expected to formally promulgated. More than 5,000 kinds of health food might not get because of "health food approval certificate" (hereinafter referred to as "certificate of approval") out of the market.
New "approach" the biggest change is the addition of health food once every five years review the provisions. The second half of this year, China will conduct a comprehensive review of health food replacement work, can not get the certificate of approval of sale will lose eligibility.
        Our country is carried out from 1996 until approval of health food products, initially issued by the Ministry of Health to review the "health food approval certificate" in 2003, the work by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) to take over. So far, there have been more than 6,000 kinds of health food products to obtain "certificate of approval", with qualification traded. But in the meantime, our country has never said any health food "review inspection."
        In the absence of regular inspection supervision, China's long-term health food "reclaim-only" state, once got the "certificate of approval" on the long-term hold, the risk of not being revoked. In fact, since the function of health food acceptance range, review technical requirements made several adjustments, so now on the market of health food, some functions, and other raw materials no longer comply with the current regulations.
        Kang Zhu said that at present, the market can really get qualified health food also more than a thousand species. The remaining more than 5,000 kinds of food due to the poor sales, the company closed down, efficacy is not clear and other reasons in "sleep" state. Such foods, unless the manufacturer can provide a complete detailed material, or is likely to be revoked "certificate of approval" in the second half of the overall review, out of the market.

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