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Ministry of Health requested increase in the rate of exclusive breastfeeding

Publisher:   release date:2017-09-20 15:07:00
   International Breastfeeding Action Coalition determine the annual August 1 to 7 days of World Breastfeeding Week. This year's World Breastfeeding Week theme is "support breastfeeding, access to life for the first gold medal." Ministry of Health recently requested to carry out the 2008 World Breastfeeding Week activities to improve within six months of exclusive breastfeeding rates of infants.

    It is reported that the Ministry of Health, UNICEF and World Health Organization jointly produced public service ads to promote its breastfeeding, and requested the 25th Barcelona Olympic Games women's 100 meters butterfly champion Qian Hong as breastfeeding advocates to participate in public service advertising photography.

    The Ministry of Health urged all localities to breastfeeding during the week, vigorously support breastfeeding campaign, the wide spread knowledge of breastfeeding, breastfeeding support and create a good atmosphere. Local health administrative departments at all levels should strengthen the management and supervision of baby-friendly, in order to actively promote women-centric service model, protect, promote and support natural childbirth, reduce the rate of cesarean section, to ensure safe motherhood. All localities should breastfeeding during the week, according to the "Baby-Friendly Hospital Regulatory Guide" Baby-Friendly Hospital to the province to conduct random checks or unannounced visits, do not meet the "Baby Friendly Hospital ten criteria," the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, should make corrections or cancel the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative title.

    The Ministry of Health once again stressed that all levels of health care institutions and medical personnel may not be through medical services for production and business enterprises to sell their products and make a profit, not to pregnant women or infants breast milk substitutes to promote its family, or products available to pregnant women and infants mother, shall not accept the producers and sellers to sell products and gift giving milk. Health administrative departments of medical institutions and medical personnel found to pregnant women and infants families publicity, marketing or sale of breast milk substitutes, it should immediately be severely dealt with according to relevant regulations.
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